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BikeJet® is the only “fit and forget” visor cleaning device that can be used whilst the motorcycle is in motion. Installation is simple using the supplied fused wiring kit and fits to the majority of bikes / scooter.

Simply connect it to the battery, mount BikeJet® to your vehicle and be provided clear vision no matter what the road throws at you. Designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.K.

For best results BikeJet® should be used with a glove finger wiper (supplied) to clear the road scum or dust from your visor without the need to pull over.

Clear Vision, Safe Riding.

“Though it’s an incredibly simple idea for year-round bikers, I don’t think anyone’s come up with it before – or at least one that doesn't look like an elephant suppository anyway…”


How To Fit BikeJet®

BikeJet® fits directly to your 22mm-25mm handlebars using the supplied Go-pro style mounting brackets. Made of strong durable plastic to compete with even the toughest winters and hottest summers.

For sports bikes with limited or no handlebar space, we provide a 1” RAM mounting kit – which enables BikeJet® to be mounted to your bikes existing RAM mount. (Not including Bike mounted RAM – fitting kit available separately)

Each short button press Jet Sprays between 5ml-7ml of BikeJet® approved fluid onto the visor.
Each refill lasts approximately 400 miles of riding in adverse weather.*

*On average in very bad winter weather. When used in Spring / Summer BikeJets®reservoir lasts around 800-1000 miles.


BikeJet® only recommends using our own BikeJet® branded visor cleaning solution in the reservoir. “Fuel” has been developed from completely natural ingredients and will NOT irritate your eyes in the case of a negligent discharge, it has also been engineered to have a freezing point between -4 and -7 degrees celsius allowing for use all year round.

“Fuel” is odourless and colourless with nothing artificial or chemically added.




If you combine the figures of serious injuries and deaths, it roughly equates to 30 significant incidents per day on the UK roads; these usually happen at junctions. An independent inquiry proved that 80% of these accidents were caused by other parties, official statistics states that 48% of motorcycle accidents were directly caused by other road users, specifically car drivers failing to look properly.


According to National Highway Safety Transportation Administration research more than a quarter of motorcycle accidents are rear-end collisions that occur while a rider is stationary / stuck in traffic


When you compare the data to that of a recent European study that found that around 70% of all motorcycling accidents in the EU involved another four wheeled vehicle – and 55% of those happened at junctions.

As a motorcyclist, there are already enough threats to contend with on our adventures from distracted road users and hazardous conditions. Any time a motorcyclist is stationary – there is always a raised level of apprehension that a rear end collision is possible. BikeJet® removes the need to stop and clear your visor, reducing the risks involved. Clear vision, Safe riding.


The full product will have an RRP of £27.99

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